How to Calm your Nerves before Taking a Driving Test

If you happen to be one of those who are negatively affected by the driving test nerves upheaval, first remember you are in fact among many. Nerves affect the greater part of learners, the vast majority who eventually go on to excel in their test.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that you ought not to take that test unless you’re driving Instructor feels that you are now proficient at passing. The professional thinks that you’re ready. That professional feels you are apt to it. You already have a confidence vote from somebody that matters.

Why are you feeling tense? What are the outcomes you fear? Could it be your own safety? If that is the case, you need not worry; you’re inside a car that is dual controlled with a specialised Driving Examiner. They know just how to handle you and any of your potential mistakes.

Perhaps your anxiety is stemming from the dread that you may fail the test and let your family and friends down. Simply, keep quiet about it, don’t inform them.

In a number of people any kind of exam can cause anxiety and nerves to rise. If that be the case, put your test into perspective. It’s much easier to retake that vehicle driving test than re-taking your school or college exam. The major loss during a failed driving test remains just lost monetary, the time lost and the extra cost for another test.

Accept it. Nerves can also be positive. To keep you focused and alert, nerves tell your body to discharge adrenaline. To improve your performance, use your nerves for an advantage. When at your very best, take advantage of the day. Book a morning driving test if you are a morning person. But if you wake-up at noon, book a test in the afternoon.

When you have other stressful events happening, do not book your driving test at the same time. Arrive 15 minutes before your test at the driving centre unhurried in order to relax. Focus not on your failures but on success. Always be positive.

Negative thoughts are ignited as soon as the words exam or test are mentioned. You may feel stressed and pressured. So going for a drive will help not a test as you already posses the skill to drive in order to get to test standard. Otherwise the instructor could not have told you to take the test. Just aim to drive to the best of your standard.

So you failed, don’t dwell on it. It’s in the past. Move on. You have gained more experience and have a better chance of passing statistically.

In order to ease your anxiety and nerves, there are a number of techniques. From psychological ones like hypnosis or visualization to herbal remedies. Remember that these techniques are just recommendations to put you in the right frame of minds and easing your anxiety levels.

The only technique that is strongly recommended is the 4-7-8 breathing. Breathing has a profound effect on what you feel. It is the only time efficient and most effective method in existence.

A good sleep at night is essential for any person taking a driving test whether nervous or not. 36 percent of most vehicle accidents have been estimated to be sleep related (lack of). Driver performance, awareness and road safety is hugely affected by sleep patterns as shown by research. Poor sleepless nights will have negative effects on ones driving. Feelings of nervousness and anxiety are also heightened by tiredness.

Avoid caffeine if you feel tired before taking a test. It heightens feelings of anxiety as it is a stimulant. Research has revealed that it does not improve concentration or alertness unless you take them and take a nap for about twenty minutes. In addition to that, research has also revealed that drinks with high sugar content with caffeine actually make sleepiness worse though an energy drink or glucose can temporarily improve alertness.

Sleep is very necessary so take ii seriously. Get several good nights of sleep before taking your driving test. You will feel mentally and physically at your very best and very able to face all feelings of anxiety and negativeness that come your way.

Driving schools, such as Direction Driving Tuition will help you stay calm on the day of your driving test, as they’ve seen lots of previous pupils suffer with nerves.  It’s part of the learning to drive experience, so embrace it!


Fed Up of Gyms? Hire your own Personal Trainer instead!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve tried being a member of a gym, having signed up with the very best of intentions to lose weight and get fit.  It didn’t last long…

The travelling to and from the gym soon became a chore I didn’t look forward to and no sooner had I arrived at my gym, I was wanting to get out of there as quickly as possible.  I came to realise that gyms and I just weren’t a good match.  However, I enjoyed the little exercise I was completing at the gym but it was just the environment I didn’t enjoy.  There always seems to be someone fitter, slimmer and kitted out in trendier sports gear than me! (I know, it shouldn’t be a fashion parade…)

After letting my gym membership lapse, I decided to look for alternatives to attending a gym. I searched online for a personal trainer and soon I found someone who I think could help me.  He was a qualified personal trainer in Coventry who worked with clients in their own home – no need to travel anywhere!  After an initial assessment, my personal trainer created a personalised plan for me to follow to reach my fitness goals.  This included a range of cardio and strength building routines.  I now enjoy my gym sessions, but my gym, is my own home, my lounge in fact.  I love the fact I don’t have to travel to and from a conventional gym, in all weathers.  As a result, I now work-out on a regular basis, once a week with my trainer, and additionally 2-3 times a week on my own.  Not only am I closer to my fitness goals than ever before, I’ve also saved nearly £500 in gym fees.

The other advantages of working with a personal trainer include:

  • You get the full attention of your trainer for the duration of your workout
  • They can advise on nutrition, what to eat and what to avoid
  • Being accountable to another person makes you more motivated to reach your fitness goals

Choosing the right personal trainer is important because you need to feel comfortable with the person you’re inviting into your home.  They also need to understand your limitations and know how far to push you.

You can find a personal trainer in your area by searching online.  Some trainers have their own websites, while others have listing on personal trainer directory sites.  If like me, you live in Warwickshire, then I recommend this personal trainer in Coventry who will help you reach your fitness goals.